Our Church

Pastor: James A. Van Hook, Jr.
Organist: Gail York Moore

Belcher Presbyterian Church was organized as the Red River Presbyterian Church on July 18, 1897, as the Red River Presbyterian Church. The Commission appointed by the Presbytery of Red River to organize the church was composed of Rev. James A. McLees and Rev. P.H. Hensley, and elders, E.E. Glassell and E.H. Durbin.

The Commission met in a vacant store building on Rush Point Plantation where the congregation continued to worship for a year. The charter members of the church were Mrs. Sallie Abney, Mr. John Glassell, Mrs. Annie Grey Glassell, Mr. W.A. Martin, Mr. J.E. Wemple, Mrs. Margaret S. Wemple, Mrs. Gertrude Belcher Butler, and Mr. R.T. Glassel. The new congregation elected J.E. Wemple and John Glassell as Elders and R.T. Glassell as Deacon.

In 1898 the congregation moved to a school building on Briarfield Plantation where services were held until 1900, when a one room frame building was erected in Belcher, one mile west of the Red River, and dedicated to the worship of God.

The present English Tudor brick church was completed and dedicated in May of 1925. The Curry-Glassell Memorial pipe organ was installed in 1929, and the annex containing the minister's study and the choir room was added.

Curry-Glassell Memorial Pipe Organ

The Curry-Glassell Memorial pipe organ in the Belcher Presbyterian Church was build by Hillgreen-Lane Pipe Organ Company in Alliance, Ohio. The organ was installed in the Belcher Presbyterian Church in 1929. An addition to the building to house the pipes plus space for minister's study and choir room were added when the organ was installed.

The pipe organ was donated to the Belcher Presbyterian Church by John and Annie Grey Glassell in memory of their parents, Rev. John and Mary Thom Glassell and Dr. William Parr and Jane Harper Curry

The pipe organ is a two manual electro-pneumatic instrument with nine ranks of pipes. The instrument was converted to a solid-state switching system in 1981. Other improvements and maintenance such as re-leathering some of the mainchest actions, replacement of the key contacts and regular tuning have been continued through the years.

The Curry-Glassell Memorial pipe organ continues to provide music for regular worship services, weddings, funerals, concerts, and community events. Two of the long serving organists of the early years were Miss Eloudie Curry and Mrs. Irene Lynn.